Amy Leigh Strickland is the author of the Olympia Heights and Royer Goldhawk series.



Amy is part-owner of Matter Deep Publishing, based out of Birmingham, AL.



Mrs. Strickland teaches English 11 and Mythology. Go Jags!

Books by Amy Leigh Strickland


Praise for Rescue

“Amy Leigh Strickland has created an enormously satisfying steampunk adventure with wild western and fantasy themes running through it; but unlike many novels in those genres, Rescue manages to be simultaneously fast-paced and well researched. We get just enough detail about ingenious mechanics and magical scrolls to keep the action within the realm of fictional possibility, but Strickland never lets her prose get self-indulgent.”

Dark Lady Reviews

Praise for The Pantheon

“Amazing – one of the best books I read in 2012.”

Blake Northcott
Arena Mode

Praise for The Weight of the World

“All in all, I highly recommend this series to everyone I know that loves adventure books, young adult books, greek mythology, or an overall good time.”

Missy Farmer

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Canons of Mythology and the Olympia Heights Comics

The ancient cultures surrounding the Mediterranean sea (Greece, Italy, Syria, Egypt, etc) are fascinating to study in terms of their mythology. What starts off as a cluster of isolated mythos blends into an intricate web by the time we roll into the

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