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Free Book Weekend!

Free Book Weekend!

If you haven’t read Olympia Heights: The Pantheon and that 99¢ was really holding you back, you can go now and for the next five days to get the book absolutely FREE!

Woooahhh, free?

I know. Unreal. I’m hoping that you’ll at least be curious enough when it ends to pay $2.99 to see what happens next. Plus, the Weight of the World has info of the book that will be important when I run a giveaway later this summer.



Weight of the World- Free Excerpt!

Weight of the World- Free Excerpt!

The first chapter of Olympia Heights: The Weight of the World is ready for your viewing pleasure. This video is a bit long, but I read the whole first Ode and Episode in it. If you would prefer to read it yourself, download the PDF excerpt here below:

Because of the imprecise nature of indie publishing release dates (I can’t make Kindle or Nook set a hard release date), I can’t give you an exact date for the book, yet. Look for it 7-14 days from now. Follow @nimbuschick or to be notified when I know more. I can tell you that the book will be $2.99 at launch for both ePub (Nook) and Mobi (Kindle) formats.

EDIT: Get the book HERE for $2.99 on Kindle and HERE for $2.99 on Nook!

Awaited Reads (June? 2012)

Awaited Reads (June? 2012)

As I wrapped up edits for my latest novel, Olympia Heights: The Weight of the World, and finalized the proof on the paperback of Kissing Corpses, I was met with some great news. You’ve heard me rave about JL Bryan’s Fairy series and Blake Northcott’s Vs. Reality series. It seems that both of these awesome indies will have new titles coming very soon. Here’s what I’m excited about; I’ll put the shameless plug up-front.

The Weight of the World

We return to Olympia Heights less than four months after the events of Olympia Heights: The Pantheon. Summer vacations starts with the launch of a new gossip blog, Discordia, and what it has to say stirs up some due trouble among The Pantheon. Olympia Heights: The Weight of the World starts with a big surprise for one of our characters and ends with more fights, more romance, less fire, and MORE BEARS!

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Blake Northcott’s Vs. Reality was a huge indie hit this summer. Blake was signed on to co-write the novel for a developing TV series and her debut novel has even been picked up by a small production company. Vs. Reality is a comic-esque action novel about a man whose life of failure suddenly changes when he meets a mysterious girl and learns about a drug that can unlock his greatest potential. Blake Northcott says the draft is done and it only needs edits. This is a fun, quick read. Go grab it now for your Kindle so that you can be ready for the sequel.



JL Bryan’s fairy series is a family-friendly, campy, hilarious story about a teenager who steals magical instruments from fairies to make his high school band famous and ends up being hunted by a whole host of magical creatures. In book one, we met Jason and the unfortunate fairy he robbed. In book two, we saw how dark fairies could use the stolen goods for ultimate destruction. In book three, we learned just how far the wrong people (and the right people) were willing to go to get those instruments back. Now Jason and his band and divided as they head towards awesome, comedic, epic peril.


Look out these upcoming Kindle releases, this June.