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Poseidon Was The Original Pony Boy

Poseidon Was The Original Pony Boy

You’ve heard all about Athena’s ferocious side, why Dionysus is the god of Theater, and how Hades came to be the one rolling in gold. Today we’re going to talk about Poseidon. When Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon (the three sons of Kronos) sat down to split dominions, Zeus got the sky and Hades got the underworld. We all know Poseidon, famous for his trident, became the god of the sea. Some of you may even know that he reigns over earthquakes (because tsunamis are earthquakes under water?)  Now we’ll all learn about how Poseidon came to hold dominion over horses. Hint: he invented them.

Poseidon_adventure_postnoon_newsInvented horses? Clearly I must be mad because people don’t “invent” animals; we breed them. You’re right. He didn’t invent them so much as father them. Depending on which myth you look at, Poseidon either spilled his “seed” on a rock to create the first horse or mated with some strange creature to produce them. Either way, Poseidon’s genetic material was involved, which was why worshipers in ancient cults sacrificed horses to Poseidon by drowning them in the sea.

Poseidon was famous for turning into a horse when it suited him. In one myth, Poseidon pursued Demeter with lecherous intent. To flee him, Demeter changed herself into a horse. That didn’t stop Poseidon, (we all blame Hades for being rapey, but his brothers were even worse) who turned himself into a horse and overtook Demeter. From that union came a very special, immortal horse named Aerion, who was owned by a bunch of heroes, but most famously by Herakles.

In Olympia Heights: The Weight of the World, Nick uses his affinity with this lesser-known domain to his advantage. It’s an ideal talent for a play-boy. After all, Poseidon was the original Pony Boy.