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The Olympia Heights Comic

The Olympia Heights Comic

ETA: All problems with the site have been worked out. You can view the comic at

We’ve had a little stumble launching the Olympia Heights comic. My hosting provider has been slipping considerably over the past few years, and last night’s issue was timed horribly because an issue with our previous site design wasn’t discovered until launch. While I wait for customer service (it literally could be a week, it was last time I dealt with them) I can’t do anything. I’ve been through all of my steps to troubleshoot and now a server admin is required.

So what about the Olympia Heights comic? Well, the site just keeps shooting off 500 Internal Server Errors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t read it. The comic is also being updated weekly by email. You can sign up here to get the new 2-page spread in your inbox on Fridays.

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Below I’ve attached the starting pages so you can read them now. Hopefully once I get the kinks worked out the rest of the comic’s run will go smoothly. This is why I’ll be hosting my fanfiction on Tumblr.