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I Am Thankful For… (2011 Edition)

I Am Thankful For… (2011 Edition)

Thanksgiving is here. Last year I posted a list of things I am thankful for as a New Year’s Eve recap on my Facebook notes. This year I decided I had best do it on my blog for Thanksgiving. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the things I am thankful for this year.


  • JL Bryan, Bookish Brunette, and Blake Northcott for sharing links to my blog and book with your audience to bring in more readers!
  • Terry and Dan Strickland, for believing in us enough to start a company to share our art with the world.
  • My parents, for being proud enough to tell everyone who breathes that I’ve published a book.
  • My husband, Kyle, for being my editor, my masseuse, and my anchor.
  • Morningstar Child Care, for working around my Grad School schedule to keep me on. I feel appreciated.
  • The Tragic City Rollers/Allstars. They’ve been welcoming and supportive. I can’t wait to officially join the roster this January. Special thanks to Voodoo Lily, Incredible Hoag, Punkin’ Disorderly, and Lil Bit Wicked for always checking in with the newbies to offer advice and encouragement.
I’ll be back this weekend with a new content post– 6 Character Flaws That Don’t Count
Book: Fairy Metal Thunder

Book: Fairy Metal Thunder

by JL Bryan


I’ve been working on reading more Indie books, which is hard because I still have so many classic books to read and so many school books to read… my reading list is like my Netflix queu (I’m adding titles at a rate faster than I can consume them). I did get the chance to read JL Bryan’s Fairy Metal Thunder over the last few weeks. He’s a really friendly guy on Twitter, always willing to have @mention conversations, and I decided I needed to get into his books.

His Jenny Pox trilogy was a bit intimidating at first (because I have so much on my plate right now), so I decided to start with a series that was just starting. I picked up Fairy Metal Thunder and it was awesome. I did a video review for this one. Hope you like it!