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Creators Are People Too, Lest We Forget

Creators Are People Too, Lest We Forget

I know it’s probably not a great idea to start off a blog post about something as important as feminism with a quote from Hannah Montana, but here I go anyway:

Everybody makes mistakes/ Everybody has those days/ …Nobody’s perfect/ I gotta work it/ Again and again ‘Til I get it right/ Nobody’s perfect/ You live and you learn it/ And if I mess it up sometimes/ Nobody’s perfectHannah Montana, 'Nobody's Perfect'

We’re all human, and yet we’ve gotten to a point with social justice movements that we hone in on the mistakes in our entertainment and blow them out of proportion, rather than pointing them out and also holding up what was done right as a shining example.

When it comes to racism and sexism, it’s important to call out bias when we see it. Some things should become a taboo. A little bit of shaming when it gets to extreme racism, like chewing out someone who is horrible enough to use the N-word in 2015, can be productive: even if the offending racist doesn’t learn to be open-minded, at least he/she might think twice about saying the word in public and perpetuating their bias to future generations. The problem comes when we make people afraid to have a productive discourse about these issues. If we treat all racism and sexism equally, we’ll create and environment where people refuse to admit when they do something even slightly not-okay. When we do that, when we make it impossible to admit we have a problem for fear of the angry mob, we can never move forward and correct the issue.

I’m Going to Talk About The Avengers: Age of Ultron Now

You were warned. You were also warned by the GIANT IMAGE OF BLACK WIDOW at the top of this post. I’m about to talk about the latest Marvel cinematic universe movie. Some spoilers will be given beyond this point.