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Aurors: The Fist of Mars

Aurors: The Fist of Mars

tumblr_nuzm30bCzI1u5rgl3o1_1280I wrote a Harry Potter fanfiction. A 65k+ word fanfiction. Because I don’t know, but it was fun.

Aurors: The Fist of Mars starts months after the Battle of Hogwarts and is canon to the epilogue. It follows Harry, Ron, and other members of the Department of Magical Law enforcement as they attempt to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the war.

Ships: Romione, Hinny, and just a bit of Hannah/Neville. Also Oliver Wood features strongly in this fic.

I’m putting it online for free because I just want people to read it. I was inspired by CONjuration last year to get back into fan fiction. Years ago I used to spend much of my free time doing online Harry Potter role-playing, and so writing this story felt like visiting an old friend.

I hope you like it. You can follow its continuing updates on Tumblr, Archive of Our Own, and Wattpad.

And now back to editing my next original novel. Here’s chapter one to get you started: