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Interview: JL Bryan’s Latest Work

Interview: JL Bryan’s Latest Work

urlJL Bryan is a full-time  indie author living and writing in Georgia. His novel Jenny Pox and the subsequent series, The Paranormals, have received praise throughout indie circles as well as over 250 reviews on Amazon.

His latest book, Fairyvision, the fifth book in the Songs of Magic series, is due out this month. Read my interview and be sure to check out the Songs of Magic series, starting with book 1, Fairy Metal Thunder (Free on Amazon Kindle).


Thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. I’m really excited for Fairyvision!

Thanks for having me on your blog, Amy!

FairyMetalThundersm1. Fairyvision is part of a longer series, The Songs of Magic. Could you briefly tell my readers who may not know the series what it is about?

The story follows a teenage garage band from small-town Wisconsin who steal some fairy instruments, which enchant crowds and make them into international stars.  They find themselves on the enemies list of the fairy queen, Mab, who is trying to keep magic and fairies very secret, so they’re constantly battling dangerous supernatural monsters, like unicorns and teddy bears.  The story also follows the fairy troupe whose instruments were stolen, which lets us spend a lot of time in the fairy world.

2. Most of your published works fall into this series or another great series, The Paranormals. Do you prefer to write books in a series rather than one-offs?

Not particularly, it’s just worked out that way.  I didn’t expect to write any sequels to Jenny Pox at all (the Paranormals series).  With the fairy books, I knew there would be several, because the fairy world is a very rich, fun place full of surprises, and I just love exploring it.

3. I try to be Indie-Friendly at this blog. What advice do you have for aspiring authors who are considering self-publishing?

The best thing is to really spend time to learn your craft.  That will take years if done properly.  If you don’t offer work people will enjoy, the no amount of pretty packaging or marketing will really help you.  It’s also very important to have your books thoroughly edited and proofed.  Finally, I would suggest that you write whatever you want rather than trying to fit into a commercial trend, because you actually never know whether a particular book will be successful or not.  Writing whatever is authentically inside you is your best chance at having something unique to offer.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4. What is your favorite part about writing the Songs of Magic?

Everything I make up along the way!  I enjoy the settings–sugar swamps, the glitter volcanoes, the Abominable Mountains.  Creatures like werewalruses and saber-toothed ducks.  Muffin-trap plants that offer cupcakes and pastries between their big green jaws.  Sometimes my favorite things are just small, passing details, like the glowing green zombie cows in the Hauntlands.

5. How many books do you plan for this series?

Seven books.  The new one is number five, and then I plan to write two more within the next year or two.

6. You mention in a recent post on your blog that you may be taking a break from Songs of Magic for some new projects. What project on the burner is the closest to reaching readers’ hands?

The closest is probably this dystopian story with a dash of time travel, since it’s fully outlined and several chapters are already written.  I’m really enjoying it.  It’s a bit dark and more of a serious story, closer to Jenny Pox than the fairy books.  I like to go back and forth between different tones and genres.

You can read the first Paranormals book, Jenny Pox for free on Kindle as well as Fairy Metal Thunder. To read my reviews of some of JL Bryan’s books, head on over to the reviews section of this blog. Look for Fairyvision this month. Happy reading!

JL Bryan Tweets at @jlbryanbooks

Awaited Reads (June? 2012)

Awaited Reads (June? 2012)

As I wrapped up edits for my latest novel, Olympia Heights: The Weight of the World, and finalized the proof on the paperback of Kissing Corpses, I was met with some great news. You’ve heard me rave about JL Bryan’s Fairy series and Blake Northcott’s Vs. Reality series. It seems that both of these awesome indies will have new titles coming very soon. Here’s what I’m excited about; I’ll put the shameless plug up-front.

The Weight of the World

We return to Olympia Heights less than four months after the events of Olympia Heights: The Pantheon. Summer vacations starts with the launch of a new gossip blog, Discordia, and what it has to say stirs up some due trouble among The Pantheon. Olympia Heights: The Weight of the World starts with a big surprise for one of our characters and ends with more fights, more romance, less fire, and MORE BEARS!

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Blake Northcott’s Vs. Reality was a huge indie hit this summer. Blake was signed on to co-write the novel for a developing TV series and her debut novel has even been picked up by a small production company. Vs. Reality is a comic-esque action novel about a man whose life of failure suddenly changes when he meets a mysterious girl and learns about a drug that can unlock his greatest potential. Blake Northcott says the draft is done and it only needs edits. This is a fun, quick read. Go grab it now for your Kindle so that you can be ready for the sequel.



JL Bryan’s fairy series is a family-friendly, campy, hilarious story about a teenager who steals magical instruments from fairies to make his high school band famous and ends up being hunted by a whole host of magical creatures. In book one, we met Jason and the unfortunate fairy he robbed. In book two, we saw how dark fairies could use the stolen goods for ultimate destruction. In book three, we learned just how far the wrong people (and the right people) were willing to go to get those instruments back. Now Jason and his band and divided as they head towards awesome, comedic, epic peril.


Look out these upcoming Kindle releases, this June.

Book: Fairy Metal Thunder

Book: Fairy Metal Thunder

by JL Bryan


I’ve been working on reading more Indie books, which is hard because I still have so many classic books to read and so many school books to read… my reading list is like my Netflix queu (I’m adding titles at a rate faster than I can consume them). I did get the chance to read JL Bryan’s Fairy Metal Thunder over the last few weeks. He’s a really friendly guy on Twitter, always willing to have @mention conversations, and I decided I needed to get into his books.

His Jenny Pox trilogy was a bit intimidating at first (because I have so much on my plate right now), so I decided to start with a series that was just starting. I picked up Fairy Metal Thunder and it was awesome. I did a video review for this one. Hope you like it!