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Kickstart This: The Indie Guide to Indie Publishing

Kickstart This: The Indie Guide to Indie Publishing


Starting today, The Indie Guide to Indie Publishing is seeking backers on KickstarterThe Indie Guide to Indie Publishing is a tool, a step-by-step guide to publishing your independent book. Each article is written by an experienced authority from the independent world, and the book includes an index and glossary to help aspiring authors and publishers along the way.

This book will have:

  • Nine (9) writers with experience publishing and promoting independent work.
  • An alphabetical glossary of terms you need to know for publishing success.
  • An index for quick reference and trouble-shooting.
  • A list of useful resources and references for further research.

A couple of the writers are people I have interviewed on this blog before (See Blake Northcott Arena Mode and JL Bryan Latest Work) and a couple more I met at Phoenix Festival (Teal Haviland and Bobby Nash.) All of the writers involved in this book have experience, credentials, and bragging rights that make them indie publishing experts.

If you’re interested in obtaining a copy of this book or simply giving us a dollar to help our dreams come true, head on over to the Kickstarter page. We have rewards at various levels, including copies of the book, t-shirts, Google Hangouts, cover designs, and more. For $60, we’ll all tweet your link to over 30,000 combined followers! Take a look and PLEASE spread the word to every writer you know.


Interview: Blake Northcott has a New Project

Interview: Blake Northcott has a New Project


Blake Northcott, Canadian Indie writer (Vs. Reality, Relapse), has a new project, and she wants your help. Read my interview with Blake and then head on over to her Kickstarter.

1. You’ve recently started Noösphere Publishing with Jim Deley and Kiri Callaghan. How did you guys meet up and why did you decide to band together and use your powers for publishing?

I’ve known Jim for years, and he lives nearby, which is helpful for brainstorming sessions on the weekends. Without his editing and input on my first drafts my work would read very different – he’s such a genius when it comes to structure and pacing.

Kiri and I met online last year and we just hit it off right away. She is so incredibly talented and as soon as I read her work I knew I wanted to do something with her. She lives in the Seattle area, so it’s a lot tougher to get together with her since I’m in Toronto, but we met in person last September at Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo in Los Angeles.

I think the reason we all assembled for Noösphere is because it’s always easier to get work done when you’re collaborating with other creative people – especially if they’re honest. Kiri and Jim are like family, but they’re not going to hold back when it comes to constructive criticism, which is imperative.

2. You have a Kickstarter project coming up. Tell me about that. Spare no shameful plug!

(laughs) Okay, I will plug away.

So my new book is called ARENA MODE; it’s a sci-fi/fantasy novel about superheroes fighting in a dystopian future. It’s my attempt to blur the line a little between novels and graphic novels, and address the “who would win if these guys fought?” flame wars that are always raging online.


I think what sets it apart from other superhero-themed books is that it’s going to include original artwork. I have assembled some amazing artist from Marvel and DC Comics, who are designing and illustrating the characters; all of their sketches and final work will be included in the book.

There are some really well-known artists involved – guys who have worked on Iron Man, Deadpool, Spider-Man, X-Men, the new World of Warcraft graphic novel…a list and some samples of their work are on the ARENA MODE Kickstarter site.

More than anything with ARENA MODE I wanted to tell a superhero-themed story that simply couldn’t be told in a comic book. When you have a set of popular characters, whether they’re heroes or villains, they simply aren’t going to die in a Marvel or DC comic. And if they do, they’re going to come back to life in some form or another.

Being a Game of Thrones fan I love how the world they’ve crafted is so dangerous and unpredictable. Anyone is fair game in George R. R. Martin’s universe, and you never know who is going to die – even a main character. ARENA MODE will be similar in the sense that there are very ordinary people who just happen to possess extraordinary powers – and magic doesn’t exist. If someone kills you, you’re dead…a potion or an enchantment or all-powerful deity isn’t going to conveniently resurrect you for future volumes.

If you love Joss Whedon, Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, comic book movies like The Avengers, or just action and sci-fi/fantasy, I think you’ll enjoy ARENA MODE!

Okay, plug over (laughs).

3. Anyone who follows your social media feeds knows that you’re big into comics and movies. Who in the industry right now impresses you? Which content creators are making you stand up and say, “Hey, now that’s cool.”

Wow, that’s a big question!

I think that Image Comics has make a huge rebound in 2012, and continues to impress with every new title. From Chew to Saga, they just have such an amazing line-up of titles that you can’t help but be impressed with them as a company. Marvel, DC and Valiant all had big years, but I think Image came out as the winner in ’12.

Movie-wise I’m extremely impressed with Disney. They pulled off an incredible feat with Marvel’s The Avengers; there’s never been a movie that incorporated characters and storylines from four different franchises. They just seem to be letting the artists do what they do best: create. And the fans and critics are rewarding them with excellent reviews and big box office numbers.

And now that Disney has Star Wars to work with I’m so excited to see something fresh from that world as well!

me4. You’re kind of being paraded around the internet as one of these cases of Indie authors who harness the power of social media for success. Could you tell the readers how you built that following and what steps you took to make sure you were ready before launching Vs. Reality?

I’m on parade? Really? (laughs) I didn’t realize that. People need to keep me in the loop so I know where all the parades are!

To be honest I didn’t really build a following with the intention of leveraging it for a specific project – I just go online most days, share content and speak my mind. I also follow people as much as possible, and I follow back those who follow me.

Social media is a great way to reach like-minded people, but if you want to get serious about it for marketing your work you have to almost treat it as a part-time job. You can’t slack off and just post once a week or when you’re in the mood – it has to be a part of your lifestyle. Some people have a very hard time with that, and while it was easy for me, it’s doesn’t feel natural for others.

My Twitter and Facebook accounts have been online for close to two years now, and I don’t usually go more than a day without updating. I use Hoot Suite now, which is the best free program there is, in my opinion – I can update all my social media accounts at the same time, and it saves me having to reproduce the same content everywhere.

And I do my best to get back to people…this is the hardest part of social media because of the time it takes – especially now that I have over 20,000 Twitter followers and more than 3,000 Facebook friends – but it’s so important. I don’t feel like I have ‘fans’…I have friends, and I want them to know that I’m listening to them.

corset-at-stan-lees-comikaze5. Last year you started appearing at fan conventions, such as Stan Lee’s Comikaze. What is it like to be a guest at a con? Where will you be appearing in the future?

The Comikaze was amazing, and it was a surreal experience. Standing on the other side of the table for the first time was kind of a shock…some people told me they came to L.A. just to see me, and it was baffling. I was like “Really? Me? You do know that Todd MacFarlane and Stan Lee are here, right?” But I am so grateful I had the opportunity to meet everyone, and I can’t wait to do it again.

Right now I don’t have any plans for 2013. I will most definitely be making an appearance or two, likely in the Toronto area, but I don’t have anything scheduled in America or overseas just yet. It depends on how ARENA MODE does on Kickstarter, and what my next move will be professionally. As soon as I find out I will let you know!

Thank you so much for the time, Amy!

And thanks to Blake Northcott for sitting down to answer my questions! Once again, if you like the sound of ARENA MODE, head on over to the ARENA MODE Kickstarter and pitch in what you can. Put the power of content creation in the hands of the people by supporting projects that excite you.

You can read my reviews of Vs. Reality and Relapse in the archives.


Update- Arena Mode has passed the $25k mark and now comes with a PDF version of an RPG. Get on this sweet deal NOW!

Help! What Books Should I Put on my New Kindle?

Help! What Books Should I Put on my New Kindle?

Christmas is just a few days away, or perhaps you are reading this after a post-holiday Google search. In 2011 millions of Americans received an eReader for Christmas, and I have no doubt that 2012 will be the same. If you are one of those lucky, new eReader owners, here is some advice from a Kindle owner since 2009.

Cover Love

You know they say…

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

That’s usually true, but we do anyway. I think that a good cover can attract a reader, but the real impact is a bad cover. As shallow as I feel admitting this, I won’t buy an indie book with a hot mess cover. Too many fonts? Obvious photoshop filter over a licensed photo of a supermodel? Just too dang much going on? Sorry. My 99¢ isn’t worth much, but my reading time is valuable.

M.R. Merrick blogged about covers today (I write this a few days before posting to keep ahead of my busy life) and it got me thinking. What do I love about some covers? What are my favorites? Here are five I love (4 indies, 1 from the Big 5) and what I love about them.

Exiled by M.R. Merrick

One of the reasons I first picked up Exiled was its cover. This image caught my attention with its limited palette and the beautiful, stark tree that takes center. The fonts are well chosen, one grungy, bold title and then a simple, classic font for the author credit. There are no characters on this cover, just elements. We see a tree with fire and water. We know from the presence of these elements in a field that their appearance is likely supernatural. Old, awesome-sauce trees like that usually have some mysticism around them. This is just a clean, simple cover that gives us an idea about the themes without giving anything away. It’s perfect for the book and it lured money out of my wallet. It did exactly what it was designed to do.

Looking For Alaska by John Green

John Green hates the candle. I love it. To me, the candle, which is subtle in dark purple on black, is a hidden symbol. The original design was meant to resemble cigarette smoke, which is certainly a prominent element in the book. As a stark black cover with curling smoke, I’m reminded of the simple, symbolic covers of books like The Catcher in the Rye. That classic book certainly influenced Green.

Now, apparently the publisher was afraid to put cigarette smoke on a YA novel’s cover, so they put a candle under it. That’s pretty silly, as cigarette smoke on the cover is probably the least of concerns for the reactionary-censor-moms. What I like about the candle, is that– at first glance– it is cigarette smoke. Then the candle reveals itself. The candle is a symbol. The candle snuffed out stands for death. Death is a central theme of this book.

So John Green may hate the candle, but I like it. It’s like a great work of art, where things reveal themselves as you look at it.

Jenny Pox by JL Bryan

Phat Puppy Art did the cover for JL Bryan’s Jenny Pox. The cover is simple: a girl, some birds, a tagline and a title. The title itself serves the book so well. What this cover does is set a somber mood that is made surreal by the presence of birds. Jenny’s loneliness oozes from this cover. It’s a beautiful cover for a beautiful book.

Edit May 1, 2013: Dude, those are paper cranes!

Fairyland by JL Bryan

The original Songs of Magic covers were alright. They featured some cute art, but the new photographic covers by Phat Puppy Art are awesome. Specifically I like the cover for book four, Fairyland. What do I love? The light. The color. The composition. The mood. The titles. The simplicity. I love an awful lot about this cover.

We still see Aoide’s pink hair, but the wash of gold light gives a feeling of peace, beauty, and otherness that the fairy world should have. It was worth whatever JL Bryan paid to redo the covers. This cover sells this book. It’s awesome.

Vs. Reality by Blake Northcott

I finish off with an awesome self-made cover by Blake Northcott. This cover was made from a few stock photos, but it does everything it needs to with style and flare. The open mouth, tongue hanging out is provocative. The labeled, electric-blue pills conjure images of silicon valley pharmaceuticals. The powers written on them invoke images of superheros. The clean-then-crumbling font tells us that this is not our father’s superhero book. It’s minimal on text, simple-yet-provocative on image, and full of bright colors that pop off the page. Best of all, it doesn’t look like any other book cover out there. It’s a brilliant original.

Awaited Reads (June? 2012)

Awaited Reads (June? 2012)

As I wrapped up edits for my latest novel, Olympia Heights: The Weight of the World, and finalized the proof on the paperback of Kissing Corpses, I was met with some great news. You’ve heard me rave about JL Bryan’s Fairy series and Blake Northcott’s Vs. Reality series. It seems that both of these awesome indies will have new titles coming very soon. Here’s what I’m excited about; I’ll put the shameless plug up-front.

The Weight of the World

We return to Olympia Heights less than four months after the events of Olympia Heights: The Pantheon. Summer vacations starts with the launch of a new gossip blog, Discordia, and what it has to say stirs up some due trouble among The Pantheon. Olympia Heights: The Weight of the World starts with a big surprise for one of our characters and ends with more fights, more romance, less fire, and MORE BEARS!

Follow @Nimbuschick on Twitter to hear when it’s released!




Blake Northcott’s Vs. Reality was a huge indie hit this summer. Blake was signed on to co-write the novel for a developing TV series and her debut novel has even been picked up by a small production company. Vs. Reality is a comic-esque action novel about a man whose life of failure suddenly changes when he meets a mysterious girl and learns about a drug that can unlock his greatest potential. Blake Northcott says the draft is done and it only needs edits. This is a fun, quick read. Go grab it now for your Kindle so that you can be ready for the sequel.



JL Bryan’s fairy series is a family-friendly, campy, hilarious story about a teenager who steals magical instruments from fairies to make his high school band famous and ends up being hunted by a whole host of magical creatures. In book one, we met Jason and the unfortunate fairy he robbed. In book two, we saw how dark fairies could use the stolen goods for ultimate destruction. In book three, we learned just how far the wrong people (and the right people) were willing to go to get those instruments back. Now Jason and his band and divided as they head towards awesome, comedic, epic peril.


Look out these upcoming Kindle releases, this June.

11 People Who Had A Great Year In 2011

11 People Who Had A Great Year In 2011

The Tuesday before Christmas, this was exactly the topic on NPR as I drove to work. “Who had a good year in 2011?” They were looking for general answers for people, places, companies, and things. I realized that every answer I wanted to call in with was tied to the literary world, so I decided to borrow their topic and make a list.

Here are 11 people who had a great year in 2011. We’ll count down from ten (if you do the math, that means there’s a tie somewhere).

10. Jeff Bezos– had a fantastic year and so must have Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon. The Kindle picked up more steam than ever before and made it onto the threat radar of The Big 5 publishers. They launched the Kindle Fire, Amazon’s first color Kindle, as well as the Kindle Lending Library. At least $6 Million has been set aside for the lending library next year, giving great benefits for Indie Authors who give the Kindle an exclusive for at least 90 days (this is where you’ll first find my NaNoWriMo novel, tentatively titled Perish).  The Kindle Fire’s exclusive grab of certain classic digital comics prompted Barnes & Noble, in an unwise move, to try and boycott certain printed comics in protest. By doing that, they obviously drove those sales to  Even the hate they received from other book sellers meant good things for Amazon. It meant that the competitions is scared.

9. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman– We were excited over the 2010/2011 transition to hear that film adaptation of The Hobbit had been green-lit and that Peter Jackson was set to direct. The announcement that Martin Freeman would portray Bilbo Baggins was met with cheers and almost no criticism. Then it was announced that Benedict Cumberbatch, who broke out in Sherlock last year, won the role of the voice of Smaug (as well as the voice of the Necromancer). These two men have been filming in paradise (New Zealand) all year and finally, in the last weeks of 2011, we got a peek at the fruits of their labour. Tolkien fans have nothing but hope for these two films and nothing but praise for the casting choices. Congratulations, boys!

8. Bob Harras– Bob, the editor of DC Comics, took a BIG risk in 2011. What could be worse than a stagnant pool of fans? Pissing-off that pool. When DC comics announced a complete universe relaunch this summer, there were skeptics. Marketers worried that DC fans would see the move as a big middle finger. After all, who wants to see the comics they’ve followed for years start over from square one? What enthusiast wants to start over with stories that are taking it slow and spelling it out to drawn in newbs? Luckily, DC’s move went well. They saw a huge surge of sales from old and new fans and the surge has kept up through the fall and early winter. They had the chance to anger a lot of people (like my husband, who is not OK with grey-area Superman), but they won more fans than they lost.

7. Neil Gaiman– Neil Gaiman got married this year. Twitter nerds rejoiced at the nuptials of Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, singer of the Dresden Dolls. On top of matrimonial happiness, Neil saw some great career highs in 2011. The American Gods 10th anniversary audio book was recorded and released. A pilot for a series based on the hit book is in pre-production for HBO. There are too many other wins for Gaiman this year, so I’ll just point out one that Gaiman will surely remember for the rest of his life– Neil got to write an episode of Doctor Who. Mind you, he originally wrote it for Season 5 (2010). It was bumped to Season 6 and Gaiman was given the opportunity to work with a new character, Rory Williams, who Gaiman’s script ironically dubbed “the pretty one.” Neil’s episode, “The Doctor’s Wife”, is a fan favorite that aired May, 2011 and featured a personified version of the Tardis, called “Sexy.”

6. Kathryn Stockett– Back in 2009 Kathryn Stockett finally published The Help. It was one of those stories that got pitched to countless agents and editors before finally being accepted. In 2011 the film, starring Emma Stone (Zombie Land, Easy A, and upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man), received a 75% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. That may not be a stellar rating when compared to films like Toy Story 3, but the critics who liked it must have been the ones who mattered. The critics who didn’t like it seemed to share the pointless complaint that the people who would benefit most from seeing this film (racists) wouldn’t see it. It preaches to the choir. So what? It’s still important. Despite the 25% of naysayers, The Help wrangled the most SAG award nominations (four) this year and made the short list of predictions for most of the other major awards shows this upcoming season. This is great for Stockett, who gets to rub elbows with the Hollywood elite and benefit from a book-sale bump. The Help, with a little help from the #1 film release, became the #1 New York Times best seller as well as the best seller on Amazon and Barnes & Noble for both eBook and Paperback. Cha-ching!

5. Rooney Mara– This uncommon actress started off 2011 at the Academy Awards. You may remember her as the girl that got away in the best picture nominee, The Social Network. She gives Mark Zuckerberg a severe tongue-lashing in the opening scene. If you’ve ever had to reject an arrogant nerd who is claiming that you’re dumping him because of the nerd part and not the arrogant part, you will love this speech. This year Rooney Mara stars in the American adaptation of Stieg Larrson’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo. The early reviews for David Fincher’s film are incredibly positive for both Mara’s performance and for the film as a whole. It’s the self-proclaimed feel-bad movie of the year. Even if it doesn’t yield any awards this winter, I would guess it was worth it to snog Daniel Craig on camera.

4. Harry Potter Fans– I cheated here by choosing a group instead of an individual. I could proclaim that JK Rowling had a great year, but I think the fans reaped the biggest benefits. Early this summer we were teased about a thing called Pottermore, and this July the beta opened. I still have not gotten in, but friends who have entered, thoroughly enjoyed the experience. True fans always jump at the chance for more Rowling-created content. On top of the Pottermore news, fans got news of a West-Coast theme park and got the final movie in the 8-film series. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 was the best film yet. Ralph Fiennes and Alan Rickman earned oscar buzz and 96% approval on Rotten Tomatoes from critics. Fans were a bit tougher on it, giving it a 92%. The 3D conversion was the first example of good 3D I’ve seen in cinema and Alan Rickman kept breaking my heart. It was beautiful, well-paced, and aside from angering me with implications of uncanon Luna/Neville love, it was perfect.

3. Terry Strickland– Artist, Terry Strickland, is the CEO of Matter Deep Publishing and shot the cover photos for the Olympia Heights series. She is an amazing artist and will be launching her first art book in 2012. 2011 has been a good year for Terry Strickland. She was featured in 8 magazine and news articles, including American Art Collector and Poets and Artists. She was a finalist in multiple art competitions and won the cover contest for the March 2011 issue of Professional Artist Magazine with her portrait “Voice of the Tiger” (seen below). She showed at a number of galleries, finding great success at the Women Painting Women show in Charleston. She already has a number of shows lined up for 2012. Terry Strickland blogs about her art at

2. Amanda Hocking– At Christmas 2010, sales exploded for Amanda Hocking, who reached the estimated $2 Million mark in sales in April of this year. She joined the Kindle Millionaire club and became an idol to independent authors. Hocking drew some criticism for signing on with an established publisher, but she maintains that she did it so that she could focus on writing more and less on marketing. How did she do it? She put out a ton of books that people (teen girls) want to read and made herself super available on social networks. You can follow Hocking on Twitter, where her witty tweets entertain nearly 10,000 followers. Amanda Hocking is a name of hope in my house. She proved that you don’t need a Big 5 publisher to make it big.

1. Blake Northcott– In 2011 Blake Northcott put out her first book as a Kindle Exclusive. Vs. Reality is a comic-book style novella. It’s the first of a series that has been put on hold because of even more success. Northcott’s 20,000 follower Twitter army helped to boost her sales and made Vs. Reality one of the top Kindle books. For a few shining hours, Vs. Reality was ranked higher than Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets on the Kindle charts. In England it is in the top 10 for comic/superhero books. Even better, Blake’s success through social media wraps up 2011 with a book deal for a werewolf series that promises to be nothing like Twilight. Luna will accompany a TV pilot that is being pitched to the major broadcast networks. Blake is another inspiring example of a self-made author. And she’s hilarious, too.

Around the Web #1

Around the Web #1

I’ve popped up at a few web sites this week, so I thought I’d catch y’all up on my various internet appearances. I have 3 big ones today. Check them out!

Fairy Metal Thunder Review Embed

You may have seen my review for Fairy Metal Thunder. If not, you can follow that link and watch it. JL Bryan is my new favourite Indie author and is quickly topping my list of authors, period. Fairy Metal Thunder got me into Jenny Pox, and 50% of the way through it, last night, I found my eyes ON FIRE because it was two hours past my normal bed time, yet unable to stop.

The review is now embedded in JL Bryan’s Fairy Metal Thunder site. I guess he liked it.  

Blake Northcott’s Social Plug

Blake Northcott, author of Vs. Reality, gave an interview with Ashley Barron last week. In it, she mentioned that I am one of her favorite tweeters. I’m super flattered by this mention. You can read her interview here.

If you haven’t read it already, download Vs. Reality on your Kindle. It’s a great, quick read for a superhero/comic book fan.


Indie Frenzie Feature

It takes a LONG time to get a review of a YA book because popular book bloggers have such backed-up reading lists of full-length novels. Though the Book Brunette hasn’t gotten to her copy of Olympia Heights, yet, she was kind enough to post a feature on my book as part of her Indie Frenzie.

The post, which features the sound tracks for my Olympian characters, was very well-received by her audience. Check it out at her blog.

I Am Thankful For… (2011 Edition)

I Am Thankful For… (2011 Edition)

Thanksgiving is here. Last year I posted a list of things I am thankful for as a New Year’s Eve recap on my Facebook notes. This year I decided I had best do it on my blog for Thanksgiving. Here is a non-exhaustive list of the things I am thankful for this year.


  • JL Bryan, Bookish Brunette, and Blake Northcott for sharing links to my blog and book with your audience to bring in more readers!
  • Terry and Dan Strickland, for believing in us enough to start a company to share our art with the world.
  • My parents, for being proud enough to tell everyone who breathes that I’ve published a book.
  • My husband, Kyle, for being my editor, my masseuse, and my anchor.
  • Morningstar Child Care, for working around my Grad School schedule to keep me on. I feel appreciated.
  • The Tragic City Rollers/Allstars. They’ve been welcoming and supportive. I can’t wait to officially join the roster this January. Special thanks to Voodoo Lily, Incredible Hoag, Punkin’ Disorderly, and Lil Bit Wicked for always checking in with the newbies to offer advice and encouragement.
I’ll be back this weekend with a new content post– 6 Character Flaws That Don’t Count
Book: Vs. Reality

Book: Vs. Reality

by Blake Northcott

Available for 99¢ on Amazon Kindle
Vs. Reality is a quick and engaging read that will keep you pressing that [Next Page] button until there’s nothing left to read. The first volume is short, but creates an entertaining introduction to a series that promises longer future volumes. It’s an amazing debut from a first-time author, blogger Blake Northcott.
I bought Vs. Reality on the reputation that Northcott had already built up as one of my favorite bloggers and tweeters. The thing that impresses me most about her reviews is that Northcott seems to be one of the few people out there who understands that Entertainment Value is value.
So often we see fun movies, novels, and TV shows discarded because they aren’t artistic or deep enough or because they *gasp* have some kind of mass appeal. Rarely do we see anything involving super powers getting any kind of praise by the serious critics because they forget that not every movie has the same purpose as Black Swan. Northcott has never been one to shy away from praising the commercial action movies, so I knew that no matter what, Vs. Reality was going to be fun.

Vs. Reality
 tells the story of Donovan Cole, a fighter who is used to concussions and beat-downs. When a chance encounter with a mysterious girl drags Donovan into her serious drama, Cole takes a hit that triggers a glitch in reality and allows him to manifest super-human abilities based on his own self image.

Vs. Reality blends the aesthetic of a comic book movie with the mind-f#@& of a Chuck Palahniuk novel. There’s the suped-up action balanced well with gritty imagery. If there is one thing that I noticed straight from the start of Vs. Reality, it’s that Blake Northcott is amazing at writing uncomfortable imagery. At her best moments, her imagery gives you a shiver reminiscent of that nails on the chalkboard sound. At the very least it makes me think of some of the more cringe-worthy impressions from the Aeon Flux cartoons.
In the end, Vs. Reality is a lot of things. It’s an adrenaline rush. It’s a commentary on addiction. It’s the source material for a future summer Blockbuster.
Spend that 99¢ and get yourself a Kindle copy of Vs. Reality. Don’t have a Kindle? Read it on your iPhone, Mac, PC, Blackberry, etc… (see how).The 2nd Volume comes out in October, 2011

  • Since writing this post, Blake Northcott got a book deal and had to delay Relapse. Its date is now unknown.
  • The dialogue may seem odd at first, but if you put it in the frame of reference of a comic book, it’s perfect.