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The Comic Has Returned

After a few weeks off for Christmas, the Olympia Heights comic is back! Issue 3 has launched, starring Nick Morrisey (the modern Poseidon). You can read “Sink or Swim” every Friday. Subscribe to the emails on the comic site and get those pages delivered right to your inbox.    


Hades is NOT the Bad Guy

If you look at popular culture interpretations of Greek Mythology, you see a lot of stories in which Hades is the archetypal devil-figure, on destroying the hero because… dead guys are creepy…or something. That’s because these interpretations often equate the realm of Hades with Hell; thus the ruler becomes aligned with Satan. And that’s just not […]


That’s a Wrap! (Lightning Rod)

The first issue of the Olympia Heights comic is wrapped! You can read all of issue one, “Lightning Rod“ at Want to support the comic? You have a few options:


The Olympia Heights Comic

ETA: All problems with the site have been worked out. You can view the comic at We’ve had a little stumble launching the Olympia Heights comic. My hosting provider has been slipping considerably over the past few years, and last night’s issue was timed horribly because an issue with our previous site design wasn’t […]


The Olympia Heights Comic: An Update

  The Olympia Heights comic did not fund on Kickstarter, but the fact that the average pledge was almost fifty dollars means that the people I did reach really wanted to see this happen. The failure to fund wasn’t so much a failure of the idea as a problem with reaching the right audience. I […]


Lightning Rod LIVE on Kickstarter!

Olympia Heights: Lightning Rod is live on Kickstarter. I need your help to pay for art, so back this project now to make it happen!