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Warning: Con at a Con

Warning: Con at a Con

Before I launch into this story, I want to thank Jeff Moore, convention security at CONjuration as well as Angela (Headsmistress of this spectacular convention) and the gentleman with the awesome Cthulhu shirt who loaned us his daughter to haul boxes. This experience I am about to describe in no way sours my opinion of this event as it was handled well. I will be back next year.

So let me tell you about the super upsetting and dishonest thing that happened to me in the final minutes of my CONjuration Con 2015 experience. I don’t tell this story to warn anyone against the convention (because you should all go!), but rather to warn vendors at all conventions in the south east to be on the watch.

NaNoWriMo 2015 Liveblog

NaNoWriMo 2015 Liveblog

This month I’m participating in NaNoWriMo. This is my fifth year doing the 30-day writing marathon. To the left you’ll find a daily calendar marking my progress. Below the related posts, you’ll find a liveblog that I’ll be updating throughout the month to talk about the experience.

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It’s done, though the draft isn’t complete. I’ll go back and revise book one more before I decide what note to end book two on. Thanks for the encouragement, internet!

NaNoWriMo 2015

NaNoWriMo 2015

Happy Halloween! All Hallow’s Read is fast approaching. Tomorrow night I will be busy with friends eating book-themed food and swapping spooky books while dressed as a gender-bent Harry Potter. Then on Sunday, I will be writing like a madwoman to get out in front of NaNoWriMo!

My username is Nimbuschick, so go add me as a Buddy (it’s case sensitive). You can also follow me on Twitter and participate in sprints with me from time-to-time.

thumbWhat will I be writing? Last year I wrote a ~65k word serial NA horror story that is in edits. It’s set in HP Lovecraft’s world at Miskatonic University, present day. The book, currently titled Tales from the Eldritch Ivy: Cult, will be released in episodes in 2016 (I hope). This year I’m getting started on the sequel.

thumbThe sequel follows Sebastian, a secondary character from the first book, who is still struggling to rationalize the events of the first novel. When Sebastian’s ex shows up, AWOL from the Marines, he gets wrapped up in yet another dangerous, mysterious plot, this time involving the Necronomicon.

I’ll see you on the other side of November when the second issue of the Olympia Heights comic is available in paper and ebook. You can read it here as a webcomic.

Bottom Line: The Rocket City LitFest Was a Blast!

Bottom Line: The Rocket City LitFest Was a Blast!

I’ve had a very busy October so far. On October 9th I finished a 9-week teaching position with a flurry of paper-grading. On the 10th and 11th I did the Rocket City LitFest in Huntsville. On the 13th I spoke to some kids at Chelsea High School. Today I slept in late and made pretty leather things, at the expense of my clean, unstained fingers.

As utterly exhausted as I was by weekend, I must admit that it was well worth it. I spoke on a bunch of panels, met some really nice readers, and got to interview one of the coolest people on this planet on stage: Jenny Lawson.

Amazon Ads versus Facebook: A Case Study

Amazon Ads versus Facebook: A Case Study

Last weekend my father-in-law’s book launched. We got advanced readers to pile their reviews on day one, bumping us up to about 20,000 overall in the paid store before sinking back down. Within the genres we got MUCH higher. For this launch we budgeted $100 in Facebook ads and $100 in Amazon ads. Here’s what happened.

What We Mean by “Indie”

What We Mean by “Indie”

A few months ago I was asked by the crew at Indie Visible to work on a show for their new channel on Youtube. What I started is a monthly show (don’t worry, I haven’t given up Read Ink) that will cover various topics in Indie Publishing. Tuesday the September video will go live, but today I wanted to share the August video, “What We Mean by ‘Indie.'” Enjoy!


You’re a Professional, START ACTING LIKE ONE!

You’re a Professional, START ACTING LIKE ONE!

Dear Indie Authors,

It is acceptable to make Tumblr collages in which you cast Lucky Blue Smith as Draco Malfoy. Nobody will come after you for putting song lyrics on a photo of Jennifer Lawrence to express all your feels about Peeta on Instagram. Fair Use protects these exercises in fan art because you’re creating commentary without profiting or interfering with anyone else’s ability to profit off of their work.

But as soon as you slap a price tag on your work, it’s no longer fair use. As soon as you are selling your book on Kindle (even for 99¢), you don’t get to use copyrighted work to promote it. It’s illegal to rip someone’s beautiful illustration off of DeviantArt and use it as an ad for your novel on Facebook. Let me repeat: it’s illegal!

It’s illegal!

In the past twelve hours I’ve seen indies stealing art TWICE on my Facebook alone. One post was an artist who does hyper-realistic romance novel illustrations. He was ranting about someone ripping his art off of Facebook and using it as a straight-up cover for their novel on Amazon. THIS IS ILLEGAL.

He was rightfully upset, but instead of reporting it to Amazon, he assumed Amazon was in on it. This is bad, because it makes Amazon, KDP, and all indies look complicit. It gives readers the impression that we’re not professionals BECAUSE THIS CRAP IS STRAIGHT UP UNPROFESSIONAL and ILLEGAL!

That was last night around 2a. This morning I saw another flagrant case of copyright infringement in a group. Someone was using this piece by Jonas Jödicke to advertise her Native American shifter novel:

Credit Jonas Jödicke because he made this, and I'm not an art thief.

Credit Jonas Jödicke because he made this, and I’m not an art thief.

After the initial shock of, “Dude, white lady, way to be racist using a piece of fan art from a JAPANESE anime to advertise your NATIVE AMERICAN shifter novel,” I commented because I love my artist friends and family and I respect their legal rights. How would I feel if I caught someone using my mother-in-law’s paintings on their book covers? How would I feel if someone was using my writing illegally?

Authors, DO NOT DO THIS CRAP. You are a professional. You are making us all look bad. I am a professional, which means I obtain legal rights to use my cover art. Need an image for an ad that isn’t your cover? Pay for another one or go get one at MorgueFile or one of the other Creative Commons 0 places like Unsplash (where I got the dog at the top of this post) or ANY OF THE OTHER SITES ON THIS LIST. Just stop doing illegal and unethical crap like stealing from artists. We’re all artists. Let’s stop ripping each other off.


Alright. I’m going to write.

*mutters under breath*

Serious guys, I shouldn’t have to say this.