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Warning: Con at a Con

Warning: Con at a Con

Before I launch into this story, I want to thank Jeff Moore, convention security at CONjuration as well as Angela (Headsmistress of this spectacular convention) and the gentleman with the awesome Cthulhu shirt who loaned us his daughter to haul boxes. This experience I am about to describe in no way sours my opinion of this event as it was handled well. I will be back next year.

So let me tell you about the super upsetting and dishonest thing that happened to me in the final minutes of my CONjuration Con 2015 experience. I don’t tell this story to warn anyone against the convention (because you should all go!), but rather to warn vendors at all conventions in the south east to be on the watch.

Bottom Line: The Rocket City LitFest Was a Blast!

Bottom Line: The Rocket City LitFest Was a Blast!

I’ve had a very busy October so far. On October 9th I finished a 9-week teaching position with a flurry of paper-grading. On the 10th and 11th I did the Rocket City LitFest in Huntsville. On the 13th I spoke to some kids at Chelsea High School. Today I slept in late and made pretty leather things, at the expense of my clean, unstained fingers.

As utterly exhausted as I was by weekend, I must admit that it was well worth it. I spoke on a bunch of panels, met some really nice readers, and got to interview one of the coolest people on this planet on stage: Jenny Lawson.

UtopYA Liveblog!

UtopYA Liveblog!

It was a great weekend. I’ll be making a recap post sometime after I catch up on sleep and unpack. You can view the archive of the liveblog down below the Twitter feed and the suggested posts.

I’m at UtopYA Con in Nashville this weekend! Check back all weekend as I post updates to this post.

In addition to my updates, you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram and read tweets from other authors at the event through the #UtopYA2015 hashtag.

Nashville Readers: Event Announcement

Nashville Readers: Event Announcement

Fans living in or near Nashville, I’ll be appearing at an event open-to-the-public on June 20. Come get your books signed (or buy books to sign!) The Authors Are my Idols signing is part of UtopYA con, but you don’t have to buy a weekend pass to come to the signing event.

The signing is from 10a-3p at the Millenium Maxwell Hotel. You can either bring $5 to enter or donate a new or gently-used kids book to get in for free. Come meet a host of fantastic authors. I’ll be added to this list shortly, but you can preview who will be there at the UtopYA website.

If you want to make things faster, you can pre-order any of my books for pickup at the signing. I have a special deal going on right now where preorders of the entire Olympia Heights series get the first issue of the comic (a $10 value) for free. I’ll also have the very first copies of Escape, OR Major Bedloe’s Cold Iron War Machine at the event, weeks in advance of the official July 4 release. Pre-order now!

If you pre-order for pickup Saturday, be sure to tell me in the PayPal comments that you’re coming to the signing. That should avoid confusion with the rest of the event. 

Geek Gathering Recap

Geek Gathering Recap

I’m a few days behind on doing this recap. Last weekend I went to the Geek Gathering in Sheffield, AL. It’s a small con in its third year with a costume contest, live music, and lots of awesome vendors. I attended with my sister-in-law, cover designer and illustrator Carly Strickland.

Here’s our table:


Our tables at these events keep changing because we’re always trying new things. The cardboard cutout you’re looking at is a promotional piece for the Olympia Heights: Lightning Rod Kickstarter.

For any other authors thinking of attending this con, here are the pros and cons.

Pop Primer Video: Banned Books Week

Pop Primer Video: Banned Books Week

I made a video for Banned Books Week. It’s party of a video series for a new website, Pop Culture Primer. I’ve been writing there for a few weeks, and it’s pretty awesome.

What is Pop Primer? Well, the site is the brainchild of my friend Matt Cox—something I decided to donate my internet skills to because I wanted to see it happen. Matt is a scholar, studying English Literature with a focus on popular culture. He loves to look at things like video games through an academic lens, and I think that is awesome. So we started Pop Culture Primer as a site for people to write academic analysis of popular culture.

Want to write for us? Click here.

You can see some of my articles here.

And you can watch the Banned Books Week video below.

Announcing YA Hangout

Announcing YA Hangout

Anouncements, Announcements, Annnnnoooooouncementttsss!

yahangoutIt’s been announced. I will be joining Amy Jones, Amy Evans, and Donna Dull to form the YAP Network, an expansion of YAPodcast. I will be hosting a monthly Google Hangout (YA Hangout!) starting September 30 with the help of Amy Evans. My guest will be Misty Provencher.

The format is still TBA, but it will feature Q&A with the author, a chance for live viewers to write in comments and questions, and a reading.

I hope you join me on September 30, time TBA for the first YA Hangout!


Be ready to watch on the day of launch by adding the Google Account to your circles:

Enter to Win

Enter to win 30 ebooks for the Birthday Bash giveaway here.

Phoenix Festival Panel Schedule

Phoenix Festival Panel Schedule

I’ve got my Phoenix Festival panel schedule for next weekend. Here it is (including my sister-in-law, brother, and husband’s schedules as well.)


Saturday (10AM) Room 412How to Write YA– Join our panelists for a discussion of what makes YA different.

Saturday (2:30PM) Room 430– Harry Potter and the Hogwarts Express: While we all wait for our letter from Hogwarts we will discuss the movies and how we loved them.


Friday (10PM) Room 414Campfire Tales: Horror In The World Of Literature– Since the beginning of time, people have enjoyed telling scary stories. What scares audiences today? What is it about scary stories that keep us coming back? Listen to the storytellers discuss!

Saturday (4PM) Room 430Oh No, There Goes Tokyo-Godzilla: How has Godzilla been revitalized for a new generation? A look at Past and present Godzilla.


Saturday (2:30PM) Room 407- Imaginative Realism: How to Make Fantasy Look Real– The most important aspect of fantasy is its reality. Join our panelists as they discuss how they turn fantasy into reality.


Sunday (2:30 PM) Room 407- Strip Show– Think getting a comic strip out on a weekly basis is easy? Think the ideas just pop out of thin
air? You will be surprised at the amount of talent, patience, love, and dedication these
strippers give to their work!