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Summer is Coming

Summer is Coming

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I’m a teacher, which means summer is a time for sleeping in, but also attending workshops and planning for fall. The school year ends for me officially on Friday, which means I’ll be having more time to write and promote my work. That said, I’ll also be moving classrooms, so my time isn’t totally open.

thumbI’m writing today because I want to keep my loyal readers updated on what’s going on as far as my work. My content editor has a copy of my latest novel, the first in a series of NA mysteries. My mythology this time is Lovecraftian (though the main character is a classics major, so there will definitely be a hint of the Greeks in there). I’m working on a promotional plan right now with my publishing company. Our goal is to have it releasing before Halloween, but nothing can be certain at this point.

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The Olympia Heights Comic is wrapping its third issue in the next few weeks. You can buy the issues on Kindle or read them online, but please, consider making a purchase of issues or swag to support this comic.


Issue four will start this summer. “The World and His Wife” follows June (Hera) and wraps up the first of four archs. I’m hoping to have the first trade paperback of the comic available for purchase by Christmas.

That’s all for now. Expect more updates as summer arrives.

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