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Guest Posts from Cheaters

Guest Posts from Cheaters

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I have a few sites that I manage (including this site, the Olympia Heights comic, my publisher site, and a site I co-founded with a friend that looks at popular culture.) I’m used to getting email pitches from people who didn’t really look at my site or who think I work for a much bigger company than I do. But something has started happening these past few weeks that really rankles me as a teacher. I’ve seen¬†three applications to sites I work on from different writers (or so they claim to be) wanting to do guest posts that link back to essay writing services.


Essay writing services are services that take money from college and high school students for the promise of a “plagiarism free” essay. They claim you’ll get a wholly original essay, but there’s really no way for would-be cheaters to verify that claim.

That’s right, I said cheaters. Taking an essay you did not write and submitting it as your work is cheating. As your teacher, I’m not asking for an essay because I want more reading material on Women’s Suffrage. I’m asking because I want you to practice and hone your writing skills while effectively communicating an understanding of the content.

Writing is a career skill. Most white-collar careers will require you write, and the quality of your writing (even in emails) not only affects your ability to communicate your thoughts clearly, but also changes how your co-workers see you: if you can’t make coherent, clear sentences, your co-workers are going to be less-than impressed with you.

So let this be a note for anyone thinking of pitching a guest blog to me with a link back to an essay writing service: no. Nope. Nope. No, no, no! I am a teacher, and though what you do may not be illegal, it violates every university and public school policy for academic integrity, and I will not help you increase your Google search rank by pasting your name and link all over my sites.


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