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3 Steps to Fight Author-Targeted SPAM With Me

3 Steps to Fight Author-Targeted SPAM With Me

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If you’re an indie author, you’re probably no stranger to getting bulk-blast emails to “Dear Author” offering publicity services for one small payment of $250-$500. I got one ten minutes ago from Shelf Media Group (hey, Shelf, if I popped up on your Google alerts, good. I hoped you’d see this.)


This is not only a really sketchy and annoying business practice, it’s also ILLEGAL. If you get something like this, here are three things you can do right now to burn the sender.

1. Forward the email to the FCC.

Here’s that address,

2. Mark it as SPAM through your service provider.

Help your email service provider blacklist that domain for all other authors that use that email service.

3. Report them to their ISP.

This step is a bit more involved, but if enough of us do it, it could result in the predatory spammers being suspended by their host. It can really disrupt their entire business and discourage them for ever carpet-bombing us blanket pitch emails again.

Step 1: Do a domain lookup on WhoIs and find their domain host and their content host.



Most major service providers in the US have an anti-spam policy. They don’t want bulk emails being sent from their servers because 1. it’s illegal, 2. aggressive anti-spam precautions could block a BUNCH OF OTHER SITES on their servers and tick off their other customers.

I know for a fact that GoDaddy has an anti-spam policy.

Step 2: Google the host and “spam reporting” and find their reporting page. Fill out the form and hit send.

Don’t just hit delete. Take the time to fight back.


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