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Read Ink

Read Ink

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I started a vlog! Many of you have seen my one-off Youtube videos here and there. I love making videos, but until recently I haven’t had much drive to create and ongoing series.

A few weeks ago I went on a passive-aggressive rant on Facebook about some grammar issue or another. Blake Northcott, author of Versus Reality and Arena Mode,¬†suggested that she would love to watch me scream about grammar in videos. While I don’t think shouting angrily would be a good level of passion to sustain throughout an entire explanation of how comma rules work, it did get me thinking.

I edit books. I edit my own books (and have other people edit them because we can’t see our own mistakes at times), and I edit books for other people. I also edit high school and middle school essays. In doing this, I see a lot of talented and intelligent people make little mistakes that could be easily avoided. So I started keeping a list. I started keeping a list of mistakes that I saw popping up over and over again. Then I wrote and filmed a few episodes of a vlog, and this is the end result.

Read Ink is a vlog about grammar. If you think that’s boring,¬†then never fear: I’m trying to keep the snooze-fest energetic and under three and a half minutes per episode.

So join me every week as I cover some basic grammar tips to help you become a better writer. My target audience is fiction writers, but I’m sure everyone can learn something useful, even if it only serves to help you smack-down some ignorant Facebook post in an eloquent and well-punctuated manner.

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