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Pop Primer Digest

Pop Primer Digest

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I’ve been writing articles for my friend Matt’s website since this fall. I thought I’d take a moment to point you to a few of these articles. It’s a really cool site (and it needs more writers, if you’re looking for a place to analyze popular culture in a more academic way.) I try to put mythology and writing stuff here, so this is a great outlet for off-topic stuff.

What Am I Talking About?: Feminism

Occasionally, on this site, we will discuss social and cultural issues, as this webzine’s purpose is to introduce and discuss aspects of Popular Culture. As such, the writers on this site will discuss many topics, but we may not always have room to give each topic its due within the space of the article. “What am I Talking About?” is a column meant to address that problem (so many words, so little space). In this column we will define and discuss concepts and ideas relating to Popular Culture…

The Boggart: What We Can Learn from the Bogey Man

I’ve been re-reading the Harry Potter series from page one after a break in the fandom following the publication of the seventh book. Going back, I’m finding a lot of interesting little tidbits (like the fact that Dumbledore is terrible at gamification, or wondering if there’s a muggle medical journal from 1992 talking about the boy with the pig tail in London).

Today I re-read the boggart scene, Professor Lupin’s first class with Harry…

5 Stupid Reasons for Banning Books

In this special video for Banned Books Week, Amy Leigh Strickland gives you some really stupid reasons that some of her favorite books have been banned…


You can find the rest of my articles listed under my writer profile here.

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