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Progress Report: Royer Goldhawk

Progress Report: Royer Goldhawk

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I wanted to take a moment to update anyone who is reading on the progress of my new series, the Royer Goldhawk series. But first, I would like to say a sincere Thank You to everyone who has purchased my newest book, Olympia Heights: The Blood of Athens this past month. It has been a very successful launch and it leaves me hopeful that my next project will be as well received. A special Thank You goes out to Ember, wherever you may be, for the first review on Amazon. If any of you have read the books and enjoyed them, it would mean a lot to me to have your reviews on my Amazon, iTunes, or Nook pages (also those two people who bought the Kobo books, I haven’t forgotten you). Reviews don’t have to be well-composed or eloquent. Some of my favorite reviews sound more like girlish squeals than purple prose.

If you purchased The Weight of the World and finished it by now, you will have noticed an excerpt from Rescue OR, Royer Goldhawk’s Remarkable Journal at the back. This excerpt will be available to the internet in a few weeks, but I wanted to give the first sneak preview to Olympia Heights fans who have stuck with me for three books (you guys got room for one more?) The text in Weight of the World fromĀ Royer is still in minor edits (there may be a word or two different in the final work), but it should give you an excellent idea of what you’ll get should you choose to embark on my next journey.


I already designed a Redbubble shirt (and bought it to wear to Phoenix Fest!)

I intend two books for Royer Goldhawk, the first coming in early May. Today, I finished another pass of Rescue. This pass was for redundant words, confusing phrases, clarity, and flow. The previous two passes were for story. Next, we will make a few passes for grammar, spelling, and keystroke errors before my husband and chief editor does one final quality control check. It’s coming soon!

I will release an official synopsis (back of book text) soon, followed by a PDF of the excerpt, and then the digital editions of the full text will be released. Paperbacks will be first available at the Alabama Phoenix Festival in May. This summer I’ll be starting to scratch at Olympia Heights 4 and researching folklore from around the world for Royer Goldhawk 2. If you like Steampunk, stay tuned for more updates.

What are your favorite Steampunk books, video games, and movies? How about music?

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