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Local Authors Expo at the Birmingham Public Library

Local Authors Expo at the Birmingham Public Library

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Yesterday my husband, Kyle Strickland; his mother, Terry Strickland, and I went to the Birmingham Public Library to take place in the local author’s expo. We went with our books and manned a table from 10a-3p. We sold a handful of books, but more importantly we got to chat with readers and connect with publishers and other writers.


It was a lot of fun, but this blog post isn’t just to gush about how ┬ámuch fun I had. If you’ve stumbled upon this post looking for information about a subsequent year’s event, here are the tips I have put together.

  • Have PLENTY of business cards. You don’t want to run out.
  • If you are an illustrator or designer, bring twice as many cards. Plenty of great authors need artists like you!
  • Pack snacks with protein. It’s a long day and you don’t want to leave your table for something like food.
  • Bring a friend or partner so that you can circulate and meet people at other tables.
  • Bring a tablecloth or sign that will make your table stand out.
  • Don’t be pushy. Show more interest in the projects of others and the kindness will be┬árepaid.
  • Make sure to swap Twitter and Facebook info. If you make allies and promote each-other’s work, you will both benefit.
  • Make sure you have plenty of change for cash and get yourself a portable card-reader (we use Go Payment) so people can buy your books!
  • If you have lots of reviews, print them, bind them, and share them at your table. One guy did that and it was really impressive.
  • Free candy helps.

We’re looking forward to Phoenix Festival in May! We ran into Tim and Steve from Phoenix Fest at the event. It’s great to see how these groups in Birmingham show up to support each other. If you’re local, I hope to see you there.


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