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5 Awesome Artists Inspired By Greek Mythology

5 Awesome Artists Inspired By Greek Mythology

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Art has been inspired by classical mythology for hundreds of years. These are five artists who are being inspired today.

1. Terry Strickland (

Terry Strickland may be my mother in law, but that obvious bias doesn’t take away from the fact that she is an AMAZING artist and has been since long before I met her son. She’s been working with mythological ideas for a while, as seen by the myths, legends, and fairy tales category on her site. An example is this 2008 painting, Pandora.

Lately, helping with the photography for my books, Terry has been getting a little extra Greek inspiration. Her recent painting, The Bribe, came from a photo-shoot for the Olympia Heights: The Weight of the World cover. Later in 2012 she will have completed a painting of me as Athena for The Incognito Project. Work is in progress now. That painting will be featured in a show later this year, and then published in a book by Matter Deep Publishing.

The Bribe

2. Sabin Howard (

Sabin Howard is a contemporary sculptor, working in bronze, who has created three “heroic scale” sculptures of Hermes, Apollo, and Aphrodite. Howard’s sculptures harken back to a renaissance exploration of classical mythology, while using bronze to remain grounded in our modern aesthetic. Howard is a teacher as well as a sculptor. Check out his awesome Hermes statue, complete with his totem animal, the serpent, below.


3. Mats Minnhagen (

Mats Minnhagen is a Swedish digital artist who posts work on DeviantArt. He does a lot of illustrations for fairy tales and myths. I found Minnhagen through his steampunk Orpheus. This epic re-imagining of Orpheus and Eurydice has been the wallpaper on my desktop quite a few times.

His style is colorful, dramatic, and has a really great sense of light and humor (such as this drawing, Eureka). Unfortunately, most of the books Minnhagen has art in are Swedish. I don’t speak Swedish, so I guess I’ll just stick to following him on DeviantArt.



4. Graham Annable (

Graham Annable is an animator and cartoonist who has worked with some pretty big names. You can see his animations on Youtube and his art on Flickr. Graham Annable has an entire photo gallery on his Flickr portfolio dedicated to Greek Mythology. Grickle Mythology is a pretty hilarious collection of cartoons. is a bit ambiguous on Graham Annable’s credits. Further investigation (via his profile) credits him with storyboards on Coraline, clean up animation on A Goofy Movie, and direction on the Bone video games.

Family Dinner

5. Sara Richard (

Sara Richard is working on a very interesting series right now, Unsung Muses. These muses, the less credited inspirations, include various kinds of birds and dogs, such as Pug Muse. Sara Richard is working as an illustrator and getting frequent freelance work from HASBRO.

I found Sara’s art through DeviantArt. Her Athena illustration has been in my favorites gallery for months. Sara Richard also has a few awesome Egyptian illustrations in her gallery. Her portfolio is mainly comprised of Marvel superhero illustrations, though it includes a respectable amount of Harry Potter, DC Comics, and Sailor Moon.


Check out more work from these artists by going to their sites. See more of Terry Strickland’s photography on the covers of Olympia Heights: The Pantheon and Olympia Heights: The Weight of the World.

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