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Book: Pretty When She Dies

Book: Pretty When She Dies

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by Rhiannon Frater

Pretty When She Dies is a bloody, violent, fiercely sexual vampire tale. DO NOT read this book if you have a problem with intense violence or sexuality. This is NOT a work of YA fiction.


Amilaya claws her way out of her own grave at the novel’s opening and spends the remainder of the book, metaphorically doing the same thing; that is to say that every page is a struggle for survival.

Rhiannon Frater succeeds in making blood and fangs sexy without resorting to soft touches and sparkles. While there are a disproportionate amount of unusual names in this book, and Amilaya’s life is one tragedy after another, the chemistry between Cian and Amilaya is undeniable. Frater doth protest too much to Cian being Amilaya’s type, because when blood-lust and plain ol’ fashioned lust meet,their differences don’t seem to matter.

The book contains a few awkward phrases and missing punctuation marks, but this is not devastatingly distracting. Sometimes Frater tells too much– having characters read too much in the eyes of their companions and explaining the motives of every character. The epilogue goes on a little longer than necessary, too. Despite these little hiccups, the novel clicks along and keeps you reading.’

Frater adds necromancy (and therefore Zombies) to the mix in this sparkle-free vampire tale. While the Vampires seem straight out of White-Wolf’s Vampire the Requiem/Masquerade, the addition of the Summoners stitched-together monsters keep it fresh.

What I enjoyed the most was the fact that one of the major characters in the novel is a little old hispanic woman. She’s a strong, useful character, too. Frater does not create a single character without a serious flaw. I have to show respect here. She makes me completely HATE a certain female character, before appreciating her loyalty and maturity at the end of the novel.

I’m not sure if I want to read Pretty When She Kills but only because I feel like Pretty When She Dies wraps up the story at an appropriate place. Still, if you like bloody, sexy, violent vampires, read Pretty When She Dies.


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