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My Little Olympia Heights

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If you haven’t seen General Zoi’s Pony Maker, then you haven’t wasted a couple of hours of your life making a pony. Don’t click that link if you have plans this afternoon. If you’re bored, go for it!

After discovering the Pony Maker, my husband and I made ponies of ourselves. These are glimpses at our souls. Here is mine:

I was so delighted with how many options I had, that I decided to do the entire main cast of Olympia Heights. Here they are:

Show me your favorite book characters as ponies! I want links!

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by Amy Leigh Strickland

Amy Leigh Strickland is a writer and teacher from Townsend, Massachusetts. She has a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design and an M.Ed. in Secondary Education, English from the University of Montevallo. Amy currently lives outside Birmingham, Alabama with her husband, Kyle and their two dogs, Apollo and Linus.

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