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Around the Web #1

Around the Web #1

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I’ve popped up at a few web sites this week, so I thought I’d catch y’all up on my various internet appearances. I have 3 big ones today. Check them out!

Fairy Metal Thunder Review Embed

You may have seen my review for Fairy Metal Thunder. If not, you can follow that link and watch it. JL Bryan is my new favourite Indie author and is quickly topping my list of authors, period. Fairy Metal Thunder got me into Jenny Pox, and 50% of the way through it, last night, I found my eyes ON FIRE because it was two hours past my normal bed time, yet unable to stop.

The review is now embedded in JL Bryan’s Fairy Metal Thunder site. I guess he liked it.  

Blake Northcott’s Social Plug

Blake Northcott, author of Vs. Reality, gave an interview with Ashley Barron last week. In it, she mentioned that I am one of her favorite tweeters. I’m super flattered by this mention. You can read her interview here.

If you haven’t read it already, download Vs. Reality on your Kindle. It’s a great, quick read for a superhero/comic book fan.


Indie Frenzie Feature

It takes a LONG time to get a review of a YA book because popular book bloggers have such backed-up reading lists of full-length novels. Though the Book Brunette hasn’t gotten to her copy of Olympia Heights, yet, she was kind enough to post a feature on my book as part of her Indie Frenzie.

The post, which features the sound tracks for my Olympian characters, was very well-received by her audience. Check it out at her blog.

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